Concerning the Megaman 4 Arrange Compilation Track Application

Concerning the Megaman 4 Arrange Compilation Track Application


Thanks to everyone’s support, colis Records will put out its fifth album in its RockLove series of Megaman club arrangements. *Previous releases: RockLove (2007), RockLove2 (2010), RockLove3 (2014), RockLove4 (2015)

Each album’s jacket has been treated as a theme, with Megaman for RockLove1 and 2, Dr. Wily for RockLove3, and Dr. Right for RockLove4. 

This time around, Dr. Cossack will be the theme for RockLove5. 

Therefore, we are only taking applications for arranged tracks from Megaman 4/Mega Man 4 for FC/NES. 

We would like for many people to enjoy this album, and capture the spirit of Megaman in every track.

■Submission format:

Those who are submitting tracks may feel free to give their own advance notice of participation. However, please refrain from putting out the full version of your track.

・Arranged music in 44,100Hz、16bit/24bit/32bit WAV file format (completely unmastered)

■Concerning the genre of arranged tracks and other important points:

・Please work the musical phrase of the original song into your track.

・Tracks for this album will be within club style musical genres, such as-




 ・Future House

 ・Future Bass

 ・Tropical House

 ・Glitch Hop

 ・Drum & Bass


 ・Progressive House


・You may include vocals in your arrangement.

・Each track should be within 4 to 7 minutes of length.

■Applicable tracks:

Music from Megaman 4/Mega Man 4 for FC/NES (all tracks from this game are acceptable)

■Staff, release timing:

Project planner: colis Records (Takana)(

Jacket artwork: Kinniku(

Design: Pishi (6P4)(

Mastering: Shibayan Records(

*Please apply with your email for payment and communication purposes.

*Feel free to apply via Twitter DM.

Track submission deadline: Oct 1st, 2022, 23:59 JST (14:59 GMT)

Participation deadline: Sep 15th, 2022, 23:59 JST (14:59 GMT)

Album release: Planned for Fall 2022 M3 Convention (10/30)

Release format: Printed CD

Compensation: ¥10,000 and 3 copies of the album is planned

Once we receive your application we will provide you with the URL for our track management page.

*This compilation album is a voluntary project by fans, and has no relation with any copyright holders or other companies.

Please find the application form in the link below: